The limping donkey in the lead

  • in ancient times when we used to go to the mill to grind wheat, barley or corn and turn it into flour for baking ,the means of transportation were donkeys.

  • We load what should we ground on the donkey and go to the mill then the miller grind the wheat, barley or corn.

  • Then we load what we have milled on the donkey again in preparation for the trip back to the village.

  • Before the trip begins, the boys accompanying the flour yell:

Hey guys…guys…the limping donkey in the lead…the limping donkey in the lead

Why you think the limping donkey should be in the lead?

First- in order not to delay its fellow donkeys if it was placed in the rear.

Second- this will make the rest of the donkeys walk with the same speed of the limping one.

Third and finally- if it was put in the rear, it will be preceded by the rest of the donkeys, thus its owner  will have to whip it to speed up and catch up with the rest that are faster than it.

I adjure you !! aren’t these opposition groups that are parading behind the Supreme Commission for negotiations emanating from Al-Saud opposition similar to the donkeys parading behind the limping one?! Think about it!

May you always be fine!

Ausersev A.KH

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