Beware of ” female Jihadis” returning from Syria

The Daily Mail has published an article about a classified British security warning report of an unprecedented risk that is posed by dozens of   women and children of “Jihadis families ” who are returning back to their countries from Syria and Iraq , as the status of the Islamic State organization is deteriorating while it is losing most of the sites that it has previously controlled.

The newspaper said that the classified report that it has briefed on was prepared by  intelligence agencies  and it does not rule out the possibility that some of the returning ” individual wolves” would carry out terrorist attacks, the newspaper also sees that it’s the first time ever that a danger is posed by women and children coming back from Syria as usually warnings focus on male “Jihadis” . the paper concludes that the” Islamic state ” organization is facing imminent defeat, so it is very likely that it would resort to the use of women and children to carry out attacks in Britain.

  • Source: BBC

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