” Important Hint for the Syrian People “

There is no doubt that the living situation of the Syrian citizen is too hard, and there is a huge shortage of essential items and materials and a decline in the per capita income, and whoever says that things are alright has to leave his palace and descend to the street. However, the purpose of spreading rumors about the upcoming living crises, such as a crisis in the wheat stock or more increase in the Dollar exchange rate, is to inculcate chaos and despair in the souls of Syrian people in order to serve those who have worked for the overthrowing Syria militarily but they have failed, and now they want to destroy the Syrian’s spirit. Thus the following points must be noticed:

  • Neither any person nor a face book hero, even an official could predict whether the coming is worse or better on the economical level.

  • The Dollar exchange rate cannot be predicted for more than few hours, furthermore the Syrian people have been facing, during the past few years, different kinds of crises such as explosion, bombing, kidnapping and shortage of electricity, water, gas and diesel, so if the Dollar exchange rate increased, if that happened, would that be something new!!

  • Many countries have fallen and peoples have been displaced because of the rumors that were considered inevitable events by them. Thus, in spite of the fact that the Syrian people are still suffering, they will come out of this distress stronger than ever, as they are worth living.

Source: Firil.net    

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