” the secretive repentance “

It was in the era of Moses – peace be upon him – a man of the   children of Israel disobedient to God, at that time  the rain cut off  and the good  is no longer there. Moses and the children of Israel stood to pray a prayer of  rain, nor rain come down . Moses asked God , God said to him: « The  rain will not come down, there is  a slave among you has been  disobeying me  since forty years  and  for  his   sin,  you  forbade  the  rain from the  heaven. Moses said – peace be upon him: – «and what do we do? », God said,   take  out him of among  you.  If he comes  out of among  you, the  rain will  come down.   Moses   – peace be upon him – pleaded and  said:« O Children of Israel .. there is  a man among  us has been disobeying God since forty years   and with reason  of his  disobedience the rain was prevented from the sky and the  rain will not come down until he comes out ». A  slave did  not respond and   did not   come out, and a slave felt   himself and said:  «Lord, today if I come  out among the people  ,I will be   exposed   and if  I keep , we  will die of thirst. O Lord, not in front of me, but to repent to you  , so forgive me and shield me  », then the rain came down ! Moses said: «O Lord, the rain came down and no one comes out!« God said: «the rain came down for my  joy repentance of my servant who disobeyed me forty years», Moses said: «O Lord, guide  me to rejoice with him». God said to him: «O Moses  ,he disobeys me  forty years and   I enshroud him  ,do I  disclose him  in the day  which he  repents to me»!!.

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