“Role of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria’s Ongoing War ” Part One

We cannot mention the role of Muslim Brotherhood in the imposed cosmic war on Syria for more than six years without remembering the inheritance of blood which occurred in the seventies and the eighties of the last century, and without linking them with the Turkish role in this war. We also cannot mention the Turkish role without referring to the first stages of founding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the years before that when the Ottoman Caliphate was officially abolished by Kemal Ataturk in 1923. In 1924, a conference was held in Cairo to tackle restoring of the Ottoman Caliphate; another was held in Cairo 1927 for the same purpose and led to the emergence of “the Young Men’s Muslim Association” which transformed after a year into the party of Muslim Brotherhood. That association was based on the necessity of restoring the Ottoman Caliphate which represents the Islamic Caliphate according to their claim and belief, and by a strong religious emotion. When the association was transformed into a party by “Hassan al-Banna”, its announced aims were to return the system of Caliphate, and since the Ottoman Caliphate was close to them, they adhered to it and it was considered by “Hassan al-Banna” as the model that Brothers should revive. There, it was the beginning between the Brothers and the callers for the Ottoman Caliphate, therefore Muslim Brothers –and Syrians of them–are looking at Erdoğan as if he is the Ottoman Caliph of Muslims and the continuation of that Caliphate. For Erdoğan, being an Ottoman Caliph of the brothers, that means they have to pay allegiance to him and obey him in prosperity and adversity, and he has to protect him, seek to establish their state in Syria or other country and help them wherever they are. The most important thing that Erdoğan has to do currently for the Syrian brothers is making them able to dominate the ruling in Syria first, and that he must consider doing that as a sacred duty, and he has done all his best related to that. As it is said in the fluent slang “he would exhaust all his power”, and it is true that Erdoğan, who consider himself an Ottoman Caliph, has exhausted all his power in supporting the Muslim Brothers in Syria to have the authority and overthrow the president Bashar Al-Assad. We must not forget that the Muslim Brothers are the ideological students of Jews in their style, even in their logo where the four raised fingers of the Brothers are the same Menorah. Erdoğan could study the Syrian reality through approaching the president Basher Al-Assad, or that what he thought. However, he could stir the stagnancy of the Brothers in Syria through the leaked out speeches with the president Bashar Al-Assad related to the Muslim Brothers, wherein the president was always calling for giving them the freedom of political work and participating the power with them. And because Syria is the spirit of the Levant “Sham Sherif”, he has seen his movement starting from here, and since he has known who is the Caliph of the Muslim Brothers and their attitude toward the Ottoman Caliphate, so that he has concentrated all his factious and political power on supporting the brothers of Syria with all kind of support to be dominated by them, and he has sought as much as he could for the fall of Aleppo by the so-called “the Free Army” which was supported and helped by him. That was one of the names designated by the Muslim Brothers to themselves, especially “Al-Farouq Brigades”, and that was a policy used by them to be away from the criticism of the fourth estate, so that they have used many names such as; “Al-Farouq Brigades”, “Muhammad brigades”, “the Islamic Jihad Brigades”, “Al-Tawhid Brigades”, ” Ahrar al-Sham” and many other troops, brigades and factions which amount to more than two hundred factions. Actually, all of them are Muslim Brothers, but they have used those names for many reasons, the most important is to protect the name of the Muslim Brotherhood from big deadly mistakes that will happen. For example, Ahrar al-Sham was famous for robbery, burglary, pillage, looting and raping women, and when they entered the city of Raqqa before ISIS they stole from the Commercial Bank of Syria an amount of thirteen billion Syrian Pounds and three hundred million Dollars and Euros. They also robbed and stole the public departments, they seized all factories and plants in the governorates, dismantled their machines which were estimated of more than a billion Dollars and sold them to Turkey with all their components of tractors and heavy agricultural machinery, in addition to the engineering devises and machines of the engineering departments which they sold cheaply to Turkey. In Aleppo, they did horrible things where they disassembled what is estimated of hundreds of billions of Dollars and sold them to Turkey. Moreover, their Caliph Erdoğan ordered them to send him the minbar (pulpit) of the great Mosque of Aleppo which dated back to eight hundred years, as well as he ordered them to destroy the mosque’s minaret and send it to him, and they really destroyed the minaret stone by stone and sent it to Erdoğan. They also attacked the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar, robbed its factories and plants, stole and dismantled the Italian and German textile machinery and sent them to Erdoğan. For that reason, he has attained competently the nick name of “the thief of Aleppo” and he has been known by all the people of Aleppo of that nick name.

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