” Erdogan and Liberties “

The Guardian Newspaper published an article of the British writer and historian Timothy Garton Ash, in which he stressed that Erdogan has to defend Human Rights in Turkey before tightening his fist.

Ash emphasized that Turkey’s most immune newspapers are being deprived of liberty for about 124 days, starting with “Cumhuriyet Newspaper” of which Erdogan’s Regime has arrested a number of administrators and writers, whereas the writer “KadriGürsel” has sent a message greeting the readers from inside the prison, from cell number 9 and ward number 25.

Ash also considered traveling to Turkey is more like a journey into the darkness where thousands of former administrators and employees are languishing in prisons and the number of the detained journalists exceeding any other country asserting that the country is in a state of fear after Ali Hasan Jamal has recently been arrested by the Turkish Regime on the background of the investigative report that he has made about the leader of the Kurdish Armed Group “PKK” which Turkey considers as a terrorist organization.

The Turkish Regime has imprisoned the German reporter of Die Welt newspaper, it has accused a number of Turkish journalists who have revealed that the organization of FathullahGülen is behind the failed coup in Turkey, accusing them of belonging to the so-called “Parallel Entity” and they have been arrested.

Source: BBC

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