West turns a blind eye for the establishment of “a second Daesh” in Syria

American journalist (Peter Theo Curtis), who was captivated by AL-Nusra Front (which is banned in Russia) said that the West misunderstands the current situation in Syria and does not realize the threat posed by armed groups.

The  journalist and stressed that the West only understands the size of the terrorist threats in Syria when terrorists show up with their machine-guns or explosives in Paris London and other western cities.

He added that he does not understand why the West has distorted information about the situation in Syria, which will inevitably lead to disaster, and expressed surprise at the West for continuing in  submitting false information about Aleppo, in northwestern Syria, while the formation of the “Islamic State Number Two” (which is a banned organization In Russia)is taking place there.

(Pravda) also previously reported that US Secretary of State, “Rex Tillerson,” talked about the condition under which there will be the possibility of cooperation between Washington and Moscow in Syria, according to him, this cooperation is not currently possible as long as Russia does not recognize that “not all the opposition in Syria -are terrorists”

We note that the Russian Foreign Ministry has already talked earlier about the United States failure to fulfill its obligations – particularly on the issue of disengagement from terrorists and so-called moderate opposition.

Russian Defense Ministry, for its part confirmed that it has never received any answer from the West about what is meant by the phrase (moderate opposition).

spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, Major General “Igor Konashenkov” spoke earlier that neither (the opposition) nor (humanitarian organizations) or (human rights organizations) that west loves to talk about ,are located in the east of Aleppo, there was only terrorism by the militants.

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