Farewell blindness .. new human retina from the fish’s eyes

A team of US scientists has succeeded in discovering new treatment for blindness from fish eyes due to their ability to renew their eyes in just 28 days, scientists from the American University, “Vanderbilt” explained that they could reverse macular degeneration associated with age, which is the main cause of vision loss worldwide, which occurs when retinais    destroyed.Scientists have noted in the study on the fish that reducing levels of a chemical in the brain helps to develop the affected area of the eye, and this process can take place even before damage occurs, and could prevent humans from wearing glasses and having surgeries.The researchers went on saying that the retina of fish contains stem cells called “Müller glia,” which play a key role in the renovation, and begin to multiply and turn into alternatives to the cells of the damagedretina, which is also present in the retinas of humans and other mammals, but could not replenish, the scientists said that it is possible stimulate the retina of the human eye to reform itself through inhibition of the neurotransmitter “GABA” in the brain.


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