” The role of political humor in Syria’s independence “

During discussion about the case of the independence of Syria in the Security Council, the English showed strong opposition and stressed the necessity of their remaining in Syria  to stop Syrians from fighting with each others after the departure of the French. the French also said that they should stay and their argument was that if they left Syria, there will be no good of their evacuation  because English will soon occupy their place!

That year , Fares Khoury was heading the Syrian delegation ,he said to them: your position is similar to that story when a man saw a pile of stones and upon it was based a red lantern, he asked why these stones are here, they told him, so we can put the lantern on them, he asked, and why the lantern is here? they answered so passersby could see the stones and do not stumble out … !!

All the members of the Security Council laughed at this joke and approved evacuation after two months.

Mr. Khoury proudly reported to the government that the Security Council approved the evacuation two months later, but all what the government did, however, was sending to Mr. Fares a letter full of resentment and dissatisfaction that the Council did not decide evacuation immediately, but postponed it for two months later and asked Fares to protest to the International Organization for this postponement , and again , Mr. Khoury answered the government’s letter with a joke that solved the confusion, he wrote: ” once in Katana there was a man with a long beard, and one day he went to the barber to trim it, but the barber apparently cut too much of it and  almost shaved it all, the man resented and  decided  to sue the man for malfunction and damage and went to a lawyers for consulting in it ,the lawyer said to him, I advise you not to open a case.

The man said: and why is that?

The lawyer answered : Because the Court wouldn’t consider the case unless its turn comes , and that would take two weeks or more, and from now till two weeks your beard will be long and back to what it was!

The ministry laughed at this joke and said: God! This  is so true , if we raised our protest it may take several months before they decide on the issue without any benefit…let’s accept the two months period.

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