” Hidden facts about the reasons of the war on Syria “

In the years of 1977 and 2003, the United States and Russia confirmed that the gas in the eastern Mediterranean extends from the shores of Latakia to the west of Egypt, from the cliff of Latakia to the north of Damietta 180 km.

It was found that the share of Syria, Lebanon and Egypt is larger than that of the Zionist entity, while Turkey came out hands-emptyas its shores and waters has no drop of oil or gas, so ,what is the way to this treasure ???that was , however, how the so-called “Arab Spring!” appeared.

  • Syrian reserves of gas and oil is concentrated in the Syrian desert and cost by 83%, while the Syrian Al Jazeera only has 12%, contrary to what is known and circulated among the public.

  • wells of Al Jazeera starts drying up as of 2022, while the rest of the fields in the desert and the coast will continue until 2051 at least,if they began to be exploited in 2018

  • Syria in 2008 was ranked 43 globallyin gas reserves at 240,700,000,000 cubic meters, while it was ranked 31 in oilreserve.

  • In 2017 ,it was revealed that the Syrian gas reserves in Palmyra ,Qaraand coasts ofTartous and Banias is the largest in the region and this makes Syria -if this gas was extracted- the third gas exporter of gas in the world and will occupies” Qatar “status after Russia and Iran, ” Ferrell Center “Studies estimatedSyrian gas reserves by (28.500.000.000.000) cubic meters.

Source : firil.net

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