(The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the ongoing war in Syria” (part 2″

Here in part2, we are proceeding what we’ve started in the first one about the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the global war against Syria since more than six years and their bloody legacy in Syria.

when the events of Tunisia broke out on 02/17/2011 we did not believe that these events will spread in the Arab countries ,not even in Syria, but when these events spread out to  Libya, Egypt and Yemen, the honest Syrians realized  the size of the planned scheme to be implemented in Syria, in addition to what preceded it, and what will come then. We can’t deny that mistakes took place , sometimes significant ones , but all inside the acceptable limits that the government could control. But then when what happened in Syria happened, and when blood spread out and overflow people to their knees in every province and every city, town and village, conscious and rational people besides those who are interested in archives of those detained in the holds and  dormitories of the Muslim Brotherhood ,knew the deep secret behind what happened, and They knew those who were chosen to be the implementing tools for the schemes that have been put in Syria, they were from the Muslim Brotherhood, and those who were imprisoned in the holds of the Muslim Brotherhood in the first palace and in basic joints where the events first began in 14/02/2011 at Hamidiyah market , and then in 15/03/2011 in Daraa, where the scenario that was written carried the (zino-american) scent , directed in the style of Hollywood , and done with the herd instinct.

You may not believe how the Syrians live, but Israel , the United States and Europe know exactly how is life in Syria and how Syrians live, as it geographically well-known that Syria is the spirit of the blessed Levant, the natural life in it, is way more beautiful than that in Europe or America ! and the son of Syria is  best knowledgeable about that where he finds an all-natural environments. From the Mediterranean beaches and its clean and safe costs ,to their bays and capes till the estuaries , and mountains ,forests and parks behind the costs, to the valleys where the rivers that flow to sea pass through ,and internal natural and industrial lakes- the size of one of them reaches One hundred and twenty kilometers long and nearly twelve kilometers in width- full of the purest and most beautiful water in the world , next to it directly the Levant Desert that is full of wells and wild and tame animals and birds , and if you head towards west and southern west , you will find the coastal mountain series , the mountains of eastern Lebanon, and Mount Qassioun. besides , Syria is penetrated by two great rivers ; Euphrates and Tigris, and many local others from south to north. Even the air in Syria couldn’t be described less than queer ,and it’s civilization dates back to more than 10 thousand years , many civilizations and cultures lived in Syria , its people couldn’t be described but upscale, a people that God chose to it to come from several ethnicities, and many denominations and sects but coexist with all love and peace throughout tens of centuries, that have universities, institutes and schools, and high educational ratios. Pen can’t give Syria a fair description as it organized by God himself, but it can describe the feeling of Arabism in it, actually Syria is the meaning of Arabism in all its aspects as it loves all Arabs, and serves every tolerant Arabic thought . while the government services  couldn’t be denied unless by a spiteful, services that are  dealing with all aspects of life ;educational in all its forms, health and economic, and even though it is fighting a war that’s imposed on it from eighty-two state, it is still the cheapest country in the world !. .. Government and people have one enemy : Israel, and those who hang up in its loop. When the war was waged on Syria , an Algerian imam and preacher at a  mosque there asked some people around him: I’m a big old man who cannot follow what is going on in Syria day by day, I ask you only one question ;are Israel and America with the Syrian government or against it? some of his followers told him : they are totally against it, he said: So it is rightful. That was the criterion that this Sheikh used. Then when what was planned happened, the Muslim Brotherhood were the spearhead and the first port for the conductors of the events , they started multiplying the names of their presence on the Syrian land ; they are they once Ahrar AL-Sham, and once Jund al-Sham, and other the  Brigades  of Mujahideen and again Mujahideen Horan, and once Mohammad brigades, and once again the youth brigades of Muhammad, and again hawks of Horan, they are all fighters who are fighting the people , the army and the state in Syria, all fighters, except  Daesh forces, AL-Nusra Front, and the organization of Khorasan, the Salafi Brigades under different Salafist ,jihadist , combat, necessary, advocacy names and many other ones. Meanwhile, The so-called free army, is but a terrorist organization  that began the first terrorism in Syria and it’s the ship of the sea and the desert that is  carrying criminals fighters to Syria, according to the words of (a faction of the Arabs) ,this free army is just like the fowl of Ibn Nabhan ; hunts snakes and throw them on his family. And so was the so-called free army.

To be continued…

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