Washington Post”: What will Follow the Military Strike on Syria”

“The Washington Post” newspaper reported that US officials have expressed their concern about the outcomes of striking targets in Syria, saying that was related to Russia’s reaction under the air defense systems deployed in Syria.  The newspaper added: the big problem today is what will follow the strike, since the difference between 2013, when Barack Obama threatened to launch strikes against Syria, and today is the increasing risks of conflict expansion. Moreover, Trump and his commanders are confronting today the presence of Russian troops in the battlefield and the Russian air defense systems which are capable of shooting down the US fighters.   The newspaper quoted the retired general “John Allen”, the former coordinator of the alliance against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, who said that the US Administration should ask itself the following question: “are we ready to take action even with the possibility of killing Russians?” In relation of the Russian and Syrian air defense systems, “If a strike was launched against the Syrian regime, they would have every excuse to initiate striking coalition’s fighters using these systems” said Andrew Exum, the former official in the U.S. Department of Defense.  In view of those concerns, “the Washington Post” concluded: it is possible that those raids could give the United States more influence to reach a settlement with the Russians that ends the civil war in Syria.

Source: “Beirut press”

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