” CIA Official: ” The Extremists’ Victory in Syria will be Catastrophic

Former CIA official Graham Fuller has warned in an article published in the website of Lobelog, that if the last US aggression on Syria came in the frame of changing the US strategy in the Middle East, that would mean entering  a very dangerous stage and even catastrophic. Moreover, he has warned of “a radical regime” would dominate Syria if the President Al-Assad were defeated by” the extremists”. He has also expected that the extremist factions, in the case of changing the Syrian government, will start a process of Sectarian cleansing; and the fight will break out among them for the coming years.

As he has warned of “a new armed regime” in Syria (i.e. it goes without saying that it is an extremist regime) which may not spend efforts to eliminate ISIS, notifying that such a regime in Syria will be against USA and will lead to an increasing inflow of refugees, which consequently will affect the political stability in Europe and enhance the fascist powers there.

The writer has asked whether Iran and Russia are really adversaries of USA, and he had talked about a mentality existing in Washington which is looking at the world on the basis of (Be a defeater or a defeated). He has emphasized simultaneously that “the real situation in the Middle East today is that USA would not be able anymore to take all options by its own as it likes”

Source: “Beirutpress”

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