” Creator of terrorism does not fight it “

In 2012, the United States included the Tafkiri  organization ” AL-Nusra front” on the terrorism list, but it consistently asserted that it supports the so-called “moderate groups” that had no practical presence on the ground. It’s well known that the support of the United States and its allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to the Takfiri groups, which they called “moderate groups”, was aimed at reaching a point where the Takfiri groups become strong enough to allow the United States to intervene in the region after failing doing this many times due to the Russian and Chinese veto. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar continued under the American umbrella of Takfiri militancy and support for so-called “moderate” groups that had no realistic presence on the ground !? But the American sponsor and after the failure of his tools had to intervene himself in Deir Ezzor and Shaerat airport in a desperate attempt to collect some crumbs and re-mix the cards again in the region, So America must stop its hypocrisy and its false claims about fighting “Daesh and AL-Nusra”. It is axiomatic that eradicating the sources of terrorism would eliminate terrorism from the ground, and this is impossible for the American because it means blowing up his plans and ambitions in the region. And because the United States is clearly “the mother of terrorism and its maker.”

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