The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the ongoing war in Syria

The aim of this series about the role of the Muslim brotherhood’s role in Syria and their conspiracy on it is not to reveal their actions only, it’s a journalistic task rather than an intellectual one, and so the Brotherhood’s ideology in Syria must be revealed , especially that  it has been tainted with blood daily for many years. It is only doing great harm to the poor Syrian people, even the religious rites- that were almost daily duties- was a mere function  that ended quickly .and they soon joined the ideology of the Islamic Liberation Party, who interpret the verse “[And they are] those who, if We give them authority in the land, establish prayer and give zakah” exempting  themselves from religious duties, especially as they have paid large salaries to their followers, the shepherds  whom found it priceless to obey blindly their  Brotherhood leaders in killing people  and chopping them. And The neighborhoods of Aleppo and its people were alike to them so they didn’t hastate in cutting  off its parts and neighborhoods, thus, Aleppo was splitted  to two parts, the eastern neighborhoods with pastoral origins in the majority, and the northern and western neighborhoods of civilized and elite origins ,although it contained some of those who leaked from  the eastern side from those who got rich , learned and taught their children then moved to those neighborhoods, and became the second category that we will talk about later .this first brotherly category was not among Ahrar al-Sham and the Tawheed Brigades, in fact , all the Islamic fighting political factions are either from the Brotherhood  or followers of it, the shepherds and the craftsmen, who showed barbarous criminal acts. The Brotherhood in Aleppo was not unique or different from that in Idlib and its countryside, and here we must point out the Brotherhood leaders of Turkish origin or Jewish origin could be found in some northern villages of Aleppo, Hreitan, Andan, Hayyan and Marea’ in the north-east.

These Brotherhood leaders, who return to northern Aleppo or  Turkish origins, were manipulating their followers from the shepherds, the craftsmen and the cultureless .it was enough for a  Brotherhood leader to go out on his followers, carrying a Shaykh  charisma , mentioning  the name of Allah ,then talking about the army that hits them with guns and planes, and threatens and vows, then scream Allah Akbar , and they all repeat it after him. Then he reminds them to obey the leaders, and what  God promised the martyr from beautiful ladies in the Gardens of Eden, and then alert them to abide by the schedule of rotation on the jihad of marriage, as many sisters   are available for that from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, or localities, Once again, he screams “Allah Akbar”. And then they hurry up to inspect their roles in the entrance to the sisters who are ready for the Jihad of marriage.

In Idlib, the situation was more difficult than that in Aleppo,  where the predominant characteristic is agriculture, and most of their villages are mountainous. They are among the orchards and the vineyards, and the parish, and some of them are smugglers. Imagine if you tell those people – who must of them suffer from unemployment-  that the  salary of a member in the Muslim Brotherhood reaches one thousand dollars and his wife five hundred, and each of his children five hundred, what will he do? He will leave his profession  and join them, even if he owns a grove and few cows , he will leave all this and join them. These people  fall under the name of Ansar( supporters). Regarding foreign fighters from Chechnya, Dagestan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uighurs, English, French, Americans, Afghans, Pakistan, Indians and Bedouins  who came to ask President Bashar al-Assad for freedom! Those are the emigrants. Like the situation in Aleppo, in Idlib the great majority of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders have Turkish origin, and their Turkish relatives live on the opposite side of the Turkish land. These are the graduates of Turkish universities. A 30 year old decision was issued to teach all Syrians of Turkish origin for free in Turkey In the form of scholarships, then these students connect there with the Turkish intelligence services, each in its place, they are in Idlib, as they are in Aleppo, Brotherhood leaders, who address their followers  with a speech first to the immigrants, and remind them of the Hadith about the Levant , Blessed is the Levant!, O Blessed is the Levant! They  said: O Messenger of God and why is that? He said: the angels of God spread their wings on the Levant, and what Al-Tirmidhi and Ahmad  quoted from the Prophet that he said about the Levant: “It is the best land of God  on earth that God brings to it the best of his servants, God entrusted me with the Levant  and its people” and we talked earlier about this oppressed Levant that its location is deliberately ignored. They know exactly that  the blessed Jihad in the  Levant was meant for Palestine not Syria , but hiding  this matter on the  foreigners makes them believe that they are meant by the Hadith ;and so they praise the lord and cheer , and the wish to die and try hard to achieve that by making themselves  human explosives , guerillas  and human booby-traps . but none of them bothers to use his brain or  stop for a minute to ask himself :Is not Palestine a part from the Levant? It is  actually the spirit of the Levant, and all the mentioned  verses and the hadiths states that the  for mentioned  jihad  in the Levant is intended in Palestine. But the Muslim Brotherhood and their media, and whoever follow their suit of  political Islam,  polished their lie on the tongue of the  Prophet  and distorted what was meant by the Levant . not only that, they also contribute to distorting the religion through their actions and statements, and their  call for enemies  to help them against  their country and their people, they also stir up sectarian strife, and legalize  the marriage of jihad, and state the permissibility of the marriage of grandchildren as we saw in Idlib. They even  call the marriage of Jihad a duty! …

And all the reprehensible acts they have done in Syria, all the blood they have shed, and all the people whom they  have displaced to more than one country in the world, all of that was  for the blood heritage they carry on the father president to take it from the son. In order to reach power, and carry out their revenge for the former blood legacy, they put everything they had at the disposal of Qatar and Turkey – the spearheaded in the global war- in their war against Syria. On the other hand, in front of the Muslim Brotherhood prone position , both Qatar and Turkey eliminated all opposition forces in Syria and turned  them  in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. Due to the machinations of the Muslim Brotherhood, countries have included the them in the terrorist lists. Including Russia and the United Arab Emirates. In Russia on July 7, 28, the Muslim Brotherhood was included in a list of  17 terrorist organizations. besides , the UAE issued a decree in October 2014 to include the Muslim Brotherhood and its local groups under the list of terrorism, and  prevented them of political action and officially banned them. Before leaving the Brotherhood of the first category, it is necessary to talk about the Muslim Brotherhood’s relationship with the Justice and Development Party (AKP), because most of the mob of Muslim Brothers are of the first category, led by people who followed the AKP without objection.

To be continued ….

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