” an Islam made by CIA “

A video of former CIA chief James Woolsey that was published in 2006 is now circulating , in the video Woolsey says: ” We will make them an Islam that suits us, then we will push them to make revolutions, and so they will be divided through fanatic fights, and then we are on the march , We are going to win , and if we succeeded in freeing  Iraq , we will begin to turn our attention  to Syria, Libya and other Arabian countries”

And we say: if there was any good in the Arab Spring , Israel wouldn’t have sat down and done nothing, it would have banged the drums of war and helped governments to suppress the people , and if the terrorist groups that pretends to  follow Islam had  been the best people of the earth, they would have freed AL-Aqsa  from its Israeli occupation, the true shepherd and forefather of the alleged spring.

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