” The Satanic Scenario ” Fake Banners

A document published by CNN in 2012 approved that the US Department of Defense has helped terrorists since the beginning of the conflict in Syria on how to use, store and deal with chemical weapons in Syria specifically.

According to Global Research Center, the Western media, which blames Damascus for the latest chemical attack in Syria, is still ignoring all that it has published earlier, proving that terrorists have obtained chemical weapons and received training from the United States on how to handle and transfer these weapons.

According to some reports denied by the Western media, the United States has been very interested in training terrorists to use chemical weapons to trigger a chemical dispute under “fake banners” which would enhance the chances of overthrowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. An article appeared in the British  Daily Mail in 2013- which has been removed today from the newspaper’s website-  talked about a British-American project of the same type and with Qatari funding. According to Global Research, Trump’s decision to strike Syria in response to Damascus’s alleged use of chemical weapons is part of a tactic called “fake banners”. The French PressTV website in its turn described what the United States is doing against Syria using the tactic of “false banners” as a satanic scenario that has been prepared for Syria.


Source: arabic.sputnik


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