” Super intelligent chemical weapon “

This chemical weapon which  roams around Syria from time to time and targets innocents is more intelligent than each of  Einstein- the famous physicist- Agatha Christi- the most famous author of crime novels- and most importantly the chemical scientist Jaber Ben Hayyan. From the intelligence signs of this weapon we can see that :

  • Most of its targets are children

  • It does not leave any trace on the body when the loaded rocket explodes

  • It never hits terrorists

  • Targeting begins only when the Syrian army advances to sensitive areas of terrorists

Then, as usual, the symphony of Al Jazeera and Al Arabia  media and their dependents hypocritical  media  starts accusing the Syrian army of using chemical weapons only on children and avoiding targeting terrorists because in the doctrine of the Syrian army it is a sin  to kill a terrorist as they are innocent angels.

Of course, this chemical intelligence will be in tune with the stupid media and merge with the stupidity of those who believe such a dirty game. It is easy for who puts explosive belts around the children’s waists and explodes it to spread the chemical weapons among the children, and he who use sarin gas coming from Turkey in Khan al-Asl can bring in all kinds of chemicals and gases and use them, because dead is the conscience of those who gathered on the shores of the Dead Sea, they  kill and kill until murder becomes a deed of release to them.

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