Brain-Computer Interfaces for Typing and Skin-Hearing

Facebook is developing a new technique that allows user typing on computer by mere thinking and hearing through the skin. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says that “This technique will allow user to communicate by brain,” as reported by “Business Insider Website”.

This project falls within customer testing devices lab that belongs to Facebook named “Building 8”. The head of the lab “Regina Dugan” revealed that they are working on developing a system that allows typing one hundred word per minute by using brain waves only. She added that the ultimate goal of this project is to enable user to think using Mandarin Chinese and hear using Spanish. This technique is based on the installation of sensors on brain to measure mental activities hundred times per second accurately and without any signals interference. Facebook also seeks to develop another new technique which allows user to hear through the skin. The company also works on manufacturing devices and inventing the software applications needed to transfer language across skin.


Source: “Deutsche Presse”

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