A hideous blot on Western foreign policy

Former British prime minister “Tony Blair” described what has happened in Syria as a hideous blot on Western foreign policy. In  a report of GQ interview with Blair, British Daily Telegraph said that Blair finds it hard  to go from being very popular to being  totally hated due to his leadership of his country during the war on Iraq. Blair sees that it would have been better to have agreed a process of transition in Libya and Syria, he also explained that: “When the Arab Spring began, what I said to people was be very careful because you have been through a situation in Iraq and Afghanistan where you have removed a dictatorship but then the problems begin. So if you can evolve a transition, do that. My view on Syria and Libya was it would have been better to have agreed a process of transition” . the report quoted Blair saying that ” the problem with what we have done in Syria is that we have insisted that Assad must go ,then the inevitability therefore of a civil war as a result of that was very clear”


Source: syriaalyom


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