” Donkey employment Policy “

In the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, there were many spies and agents of both countries working in full swing to collect information about the enemy. In that period ,and before the collapse of the Soviet Union there was an official working as an agent for the United States in the Soviet Union and this person was well known, and there was someone who doubted him and told him “I doubt  that you are an agent of America, but I cannot prove this and I have no evidence against you.”After the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The same person went to the official and told him: I can’t but doubt  that you were an agent , and as long as the Soviet Union collapsed and disintegrated, why not tell me the truth?The official replied: I am really an agent of America, but no one can prove this because I work with a plan called “donkeys  employment “! I have always chosen the stupid ones in every specialty and employ them. If 10 engineers graduate for example, I choose the worst one among them and employ him, and never choose the good ones,  I did this with doctors also , as well as every specialty and sector of the state.Over 30 years of following this policy and plan ,I managed to destroy  the economic sector, medical sector, livestock and agricultural wealth and … and so on until the Soviet Union was collapsed for this reason, and you could not prove that I am an agent of America or find any evidence of it!

Can we say that this is the same policy pursued by the United States today to control countries and exploit their wealth to destroy them from the inside when they are not needed anymore ?!

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