” The Hidden Charity “

A man entered a fruit shop and asked the seller:”How much is one kilogram of bananas and one kilogram of apples?”

“A kilogram of bananas costs one dinar and a quarter and the kilogram of apples costs one dinar and a half,” the seller replied. At that moment a woman entered the shop, who is known by the seller, as she lives in the same neighborhood and asked: “How much is one kilogram of bananas and one kilogram of apples”?

The seller replied “A kilo of bananas is two hundred fils and that of apples is a quarter of a dinar,” The woman mumbled “All praise be to Allah. All praise be to Allah.”

The man looked at the seller and his face turned red out of anger, but the seller blinked at the man and said:”Wait a while, please,” and gave the woman her orders of fruit. The woman left feeling happy and saying:”All praise be to Allah, my family will have something to eat.” Both the seller and the man heard her praising Allah happily.

After the woman had left, the seller said to the angry man: I swear I did not cheat you, but this woman has four orphans and she is very poor and despite the fact that she lives in poverty she has a dignity and refuses any help from any one, and whenever I want to help her she does not accept, and I thought a lot how to help, and I found only this way by selling her what she needs at low prices; that is to say, a hidden charity. I want to make her feel that she does not need anyone, besides I like this kind of trade with Allah. I like to do good deeds to this woman and make her orphan children happy without revealing my intentions to them.

The seller goes on talking to the man: “That woman comes once every week, and I swear to God that on the day when she buys from me, I earn doubles more than any other day; and I make a lot of money from unknown sources as a result of my good deed to her. As a matter of fact, she has the upper hand on me, after Allah, who sent her to me.

The man says: My eyes were full of tears and I gave the seller a kiss on his forehead for what he did and for the great impression he left in me. Then, I realized that the saying “As you sow, so will you reap” is not only used at the times of revenge, but also used when you relieve others and make them happy.

One day you will be rewarded exponentially, as helping people is a pleasure that is only known by those who tried it.

Significance: Look for the areas of hidden charity and stick to it; it is a great good sent by Allah to you, and the greatness of its reward comes from the fact that it is free from soul fortunes, free from hearing the words of praise and gratitude, and free from the charity grantor’s feeling that he/she has an upper hand. So, the hidden charity means the pure sincerity to Allah.



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