The Strike of Al-Assad and Caesar (Putin) Tips the Scales

Ankara is siding with the Russian alley due tochanging of interests and swinging of balance. The Cowboy (America) is striking Erdogan (Turkey) since the new alliance represents a dangerous threat to NATO and America.Escalation of the Kurdish conflict is the main event in the coming phase, with Turkey entering the stage of transformations and international conflicts. The Syrian Arab Army is going to strike the desert from the fronts of Eastern Aleppo, Eastern Homs, Palmyra, and Aleppo countryside.After that, things will be discussed in relation to the remnant hotbeds, which are not of serious danger any more since the main condition to stop striking them is their commitment not to commit provocative military operations, and their rejection of international terrorism known as Nusra and ISIS, and they will be dividedaccordingly. Most probably, there is going to be a severe conflict among the takfiris due to the near closure of this phase. So they will fight for survival and kill each other at the order of their leaders, the takfiri alley of the scattered and clashing enemy.

We are witnessing a huge transformation, not only in the battlefield, but also on a political level, which is the most important. It is going to change the situation in Syria. The power now is transferring to the Russian sidewith to the collapse of the Zionist American alley and its retreat from the issue of Syrian crisis. Homs, Aleppo, Damascus, Damascus Countryside, and Hamah are now outside the circle of conflicts, and they are under the protection of the Syrian Army. Takfiris will be held in thehotbeds in the north of Homs, the Eastern Ghuta, and Daraa, and they will be left to fight and exterminate each other. This is happening in Ghuta now, and most probably it is going to happen in Edlib. While fighting in these fronts is suspended, the Syrian Army is going to lift the siege on Deir Ezzor, and clear the desert. It is also going to protect the road to Raqqa and reinforce its presence in Hasakah, in addition to exerting conciliations in the South of Damascus. The Russian bases and their participation in the battlefield are going to be reinforced. The Syrian Army is also going to strengthen its sections. The situation is improving, and all matters are moving smoothly to the final destination of eliminating terrorism from the country. Putin stated that Syria should end up under a unified leadership, and this is what will happen. From his place, Al-Assad defeated the world, and with his guidance, Syria is moving steadily towards decisive victory.



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