The art of raping minds

A real story took place in New Delhi, where the British ambassador was driving his car with the Consul of the Kingdom when he saw a young university man kicking a cow … The ambassador ordered the driver to stop quickly and got out of the car and rushed to the “holy” cow pushing the young man away and screaming at him while rubbing the back of the cow and  asking for forgiveness and remission amid the astonishment of passers-by who gathered after hearing his screams … Amid the amazement of the audience, the British ambassador washed himself with the cow’s urine and wiped his face with it, so that the passers-by prostrated in recognition of their Lord ” the cow”, “that Lord whom the stranger prostrate to”, and they came after the young man who kicked it to crush him in front of the cow in retaliation for the sanctity of its highness and the elevation of its majesty

With his tie and his urine-soaked shirt and puffy hair, the ambassador returned to the embassy car alongside the consul who asked him why he had done that and is he really convinced of the doctrine of cow worshiping ??

The Ambassador replied: The young man’s kick to the cow represents awakening and a kick to the doctrine that we want! If we allow the Indians to kick their faiths, India will be 50 years ahead, and then we will lose our existence and our vital interests. Our duty here is to never allow it. We realize that ignorance, superstition, and stupidity are our armies in harnessing societies.



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