“Super Microscope” that magnifies objects two million times

Chinese scientists have confirmed that they are working on the manufacture of  a “Super Microscope” that is able to open new horizons in the field of medical science and microbiology, according to the Global Times, “Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences are working on a project called Secondary Nitron Source, which aims to create nanoparticle packages that will help produce a superconducting microscope expected to be launched in March 2018. Scientists have started working on the manufacture of the “Super Microscope” since 2014, and this achievement is an important step in the scientific field, as the most accurate microscopes in the present time are the electronic ones, which replaced the traditional optical microscopes, due to their accuracy and their great ability of magnifying,because the wavelength associated with the electron is much shorter than the wavelength of visible light. The electron microscope magnification is about two million times, while the maximum magnification of the optical microscope is only about 2,000 times.

Source: Rumbler

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