How the outer crust of the planet was formed

Geophysics scientists from Switzerland and Germany have discovered new mechanisms that explain the formation of the outer crust of the planet. In a study published in the Journal of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, scientists said: “In our research to understand the formation mechanism of the crust, we studied two different cases f the formation of the outer shell of the crusty planets, the first case was to simulate the gradual accumulation of magma or lava on the surface of Venus, and the second case was studying volcanic activity on one of Jupiter’s moons. “

They explained that “the two-dimensional models used to study the two cases, showed that the earth’s crust formation about 3 or 4 million years ago does not mimic only one case, if we assumed that the earth’s crust was formed by the accumulation of lava only, we would get thick layers of rock that were to harden quickly. “

They confirmed that the earth’s crust was formed by two main factors: the first is the accumulation of the magma layers as on Venus and the second is the various volcanic activities, which contributed to the existence of approximately 30% of the water on the surface of the planet.



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