The World Existential Axis

In an interview with the American magazine the New Yorker, the fox of International Zionism Henry Kissinger stated that:

Since August 2011, the Syrian Revolution has been a third cold war. It is a war between China, Russia, and India on one side, and America and its allies on the other. The Orthodox Church in Russia might be a branch of the Orthodox Church in Syria, but what about China and India?! To answer this, we have to go back to “Hulagu” about whom you have probably heard. He conquered more than half of Asia, but he was defeated at the gates of Damascus. China is doing the opposite here; the Orient countries from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean are connected like dominos. When we aroused Afghanistan, China was affected, let alone Syria. It can be noticed that the countries of China, India, and Pakistan are rival countries that fight among each other. However, in the Security Council discussions regarding Syria, they act as if they were one country with their speeches and the behaviour of their representatives, who insisted on welcoming Al-Jaafari more than once, while they ignored the presence of Qatar or other Arabs in the session. Thus, the only solution is to burn Syria from the inside, the thing that is happening now. However, what surprises me is the way Syrians developed this huge infrastructure in comparison with their resources, and the cohesion of their army is even more astonishing. The information we have about those who defected or escaped is no more than1500 soldiers out of 500,000. I do not understand how such people, composed of 40 races and sects, can be unified as such.



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