” The panicked West “

The Times published an analysis by Mark Bridge entitled “Extremists who are redrawing their image remain a deadly enemy.”

The “Muhajirun” channel on YouTube was the mouthpiece of the Sham Liberation Organization, which was founded last January. According to the British government and anti-terrorism experts, the new group is just a change of name for the al-Qaeda wing known as the ” AL-Nusra Front” adding that AL-Nusra Front and allied groups share the goal of achieving the (caliphate) in Syria. According to Bridge, the military leader of the Sham Liberation Organization, a Syrian in his thirties named Abu Muhammad al-Julani, remains one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.

All is left to say to the paranoid West that the poisonous scorpions they’ve put in their pockets and worked to get them out at the time they wish to bite the Syrian people, they will not be saved from their deadly needle because they will come out and spread death among them as  a fair punishment for what they have committed against the safe and peaceful peoples.

Source: B.B.C


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