“ Hackers use brainwaves to steal secure passwords ”

The user’s brain has not been spared from the brilliant hackers in stealing the secure passwords and the personal data of their victims by any means. The latest way they adapt now is to use headphones that read brainwaves.

The hackers take advantage of the headphones available now in markets and that are being promoted as control devices for video games. Researchers in the University of Alabama in Birmingham, England have discovered that when any user pauses a video game while wearing headphones and login to their bank account, hackers can steal their personal info and data including their own password.

The researchers have pointed out that there is a malicious software that can easily read the brainwaves of the user wearing headphones and decipher their codes advising on more privacy and security for this type of headphones especially that they are one of the future technology trends.

This research has been conducted at a time where companies such as Facebook is working on user interfaces that depend on brain technology; therefore, they might encounter phishing risks by hackers malicious software.

One example of headphones that read the user’s brainwaves is “The Epoc +”, developed by the American company “EMOTIV” in San Francisco at a price of USD 800, that can read all the thoughts, translate them and have full control over the computer via the mind.



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