Daily Archives: Saturday May 27th, 2017

” Sheikh al-Islam is descendant of Uncle Sam “

About   the true of Londoner  : about   the Foreign Minister of  state of orban , said:… Sheikh al-Islam, money of last time, Mr. Donald Ben Trump descendant of Uncle Sam arrived to  the homes of state of  the orban  …. and  some of the sheep  from Scholars of the Sultan suspended… that  is a  blessed and exact  visit… where the ...

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” Destruction of Nations “

One of the university professors wrote to his students in the doctoral , master and bachelor degree an express letter and placed on the entrance of  the college at the University  with South Africa, this is its text: Destruction any nation does not need nuclear bombs or long-range missiles. But it  needs to reduce the quality of education and allows ...

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” Kalamu Tabo “

The origin of this phrase…………. It is said that Nazem Pasha was the alderman on Damascus at the beginning of the 19th century … He built a beautiful palace, still known in Damascus as the Palace of Nazim Pasha. When the mission of alderman Nazem ended in Damascus, he decided to sell his palace. A man named Khurshid Pasha, an ...

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