“Talking Fabric” Invention

Scientists from Michigan State University have asserted that they could design new flexible fabric that is able to produce sounds and mechanical vibrations. According to Nature Communications journal, “This new invention will help scientists make ‘talking paper’ or ‘music-playing flag’. It depends mainly on nanogenerator FENG technique which was revealed in 2016.This FENG-based fabric can transform mechanical energy into electrical current, the thing that will enable scientists to use it in the future as an energy source for mobiles.”According to the scientists, the interesting thing about this fabric is that during experiments, they could convert the electrical current it produces into sound waves. So it is possible in the future to use it to make paper that talks or produces sounds. About this invention, scientist Nelson Sepúlveda the chief supervisor over its design has said, “Imagine that in the future we could have newspapers with microphone paper and loudspeaker at the same time. In this case, we would be able to develop newspapers that are able to interact with the reader.”


  • Source: Lenta.ru

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