A man-made bubble surrounding Earth

A man-made “bubble” has been detected around our planet, sometimes acting as a barrier against high-energy particles.

Scientists say that it’s likely to be the result of very low frequency (VLF) radio signals, used to communicate with deep-ocean submarines.

The bubble might be impacting the way high-energy particles move through the near-space environment though. The study revealed the “VLF” bubble around the planet which can be seen through NASA’s spacecraft “Van Allen Probes” revolving around our planet.

According to the researchers, these signals are sent from the earth stations to the submarines, as well as beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, where they interact with the high radiation of the energy particles. The researchers also found that the outer extension of the bubble lines is connected to the inner edge of the “Van Allen” beams which is magnetic regions where the protons have high-energy and the electrons are trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field. According to NASA, these radio signals can someday be used to remove radiation from the near-Earth environment, where scientists are working to see if the “bubble” plays a role in stopping the charged particles in the upper atmosphere.




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