Coexistence has No Religion

A real photo taken in 1889 that shows two men. The Christian paralyzed  dwarf (Samir) was being held on the back of his Muslim blind friend (Mohammad). The dwarf Samir used to rely on Mohammad in his movements through the roads of Old Damascus while the blind Mohammad was also relying on Samir in guiding him through the roads and warning him of holes and obstacles. One of them could see and the other could walk.

They had completed each other and resisted the toughness of life (the paralyzed Christian and the blind Muslim). Both of them had grown up as orphans of the father, mother and family. They were sharing the same room and working in the same place. The paralyzed Christian was working as a storyteller in one of the cafes of Old Damascus, and the blind Muslim was selling Lablabi (boiled chickpeas) in front of the same café and listening to the stories of his friend Samir.

When the Christian had died, the Muslim (Mohammad) kept crying for a whole week in his room until he was found dead out of grief for his soulmate.

Those two simple men, who had never understood their religions, got along with each other and proved that the human beings are in need each other whatever their religions are. Religions are naturally racial; they divide people and do not bring them closer.

Is not it time for those who are being trailed behind the lies of the quack west and its expiatory strife to realize that the homeland is for all people and the religion is for God alone.



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