Fake culture and pseudo- intellectuals

Pascal Boniface, in his book “pseudo Intellectuals,” translated by Rose Makhlouf in a beautiful and courtly language, sums up the existence of two kinds of false intellectuals, fakes and mercenaries. The fake intellectual is the one who “believes in a cause but makes a false cultural coin to ensure his victory in the market of established beliefs” because he sees the recipient as “immature to reveal his dishonest means.” And how huge the number of these models today! especially as they know that they are not accountable for their machination, assail, and throwing words arbitrarily. So you see them looking for difference in every sleeping case or matter  to compensates and make up their broken ego. Here the false intellectual turns into a mercenary who believes in nothing but himself, pretending to believe in a cause, not because he is convinced of its rightness- as he has not checked it at all-but because it is promising and rewarding somehow, and at the same time it will be proceeding with the prevailing wind. This is why mercenarism is not only an educated attached to foreign forces  ,as the inflation of the ego leads to immoral means, such as that the false intellectual becomes a curser of a part his own people who fight in defense of him, inventing every time a reason to attack their ideas and beliefs in order to show his ego, taking advantage of their principle not to provoke strife, satisfying by that his sick victorious ego and hiding behind his defense of a major cause , the cause of the homeland. The” mercenary intellectual” disease has been amplified by the existence of social media that allowed everyone to express his opinion on anything. Which comes as a treatment for the diseases of this intellectual, because whatever is  prevailing has more predominance and more applause ,and that what destroys the pseudo- intellectual and thus the whole society.

Fakes often make an instant medial victory because we are in a society that does not believe in specialization and despises it. Anyone who knows how to read and write, or reads a daily medical journal does not hesitate to give a lecture to his doctor! He is a doctor, a constitutional expert, a journalist, a historian and a literary critic, not to mention that the whole people are experts at engineering, they know which lobby  needs to be expanded and which kitchen needs to be narrowed . Finally, as a result of the war, the majority turned into military experts. Boniface’s examples of “lying experts” are not limited to “Bernard Lewis” and “Bernard-Henri Levy” and their students at all times; they are a model for those who take return for marketing an idea that the public is prepared for in advance, they are many and are in all fields and divergent in various sciences, as long as they are not obliged to documentation and scientific arithmetic ,their  capital is their long tongue , arrogance and defamation. We have seen how Al-Jazeera channel paved the way for this type of speeches. It is cursed by those who are against it while they themselves practice  its methods, because it’s the easiest to media access. Fake culture and its intellectuals are a disease that spreads easily, a disease that is contagious in many ways, often in the way that the patient denies that he carries the virus.


Dr. Bassam Abuabdullah


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