“Trump’s Summit, is it the end of Arab and Islamic Degradation?”

Fifty five Arab and Islamic countries gathered to listen to Trump’s racist and arrogant dictations. Everyone witnessed closely the hospitality of Saudi Arabia which has no peer in the history of disgraceful receptions in the world, and how Trump listened to no request, except the proposal of a Saudi lover to marry Ivanka, which he refused according to reports.

Trump did not listen to any request related to an Arab or Islamic issue. Instead, he had speeches and talks that are exclusively relevant to the needs of Israel and America, such as the condemnation of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria, as if Israel had prepared the agenda, and led the speeches and discussions till the end.

Religious and political organizations, Islamic and Arab, were silenced even to demand an apology from Trump about his speeches that denounce Arabs and Muslims as the source of terrorism and plague in the world.This is in spite of  the fact that he is fully aware of both his country’s and Israel’s roles in constructing and consolidating all terrorist organizations that have never come near them, but that were rather financed and equipped by his host, Saudi Arabia, and his country.

Trump moved to Israel after that, and in his first speech there he talked about the hospitality of Israel and the greatness of the Jewish history that spreads from the Wailing Wall, while he was wearing the Jewish skullcap (yarmulke). However, he forgot the Arab hospitality because he took it from under his shoes where they offered him 450 Billion to polish them, and polish their faces in front of him.

King Salman devoted himself as the degradation leader for the Arab and Islamic nations. This Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has presented himself as a servant under Trump’s feet, who in his turn has offered himself with pride and loyalty to the Torah-based State of Netanyahu. The latter disdains everyone and considers them as subjects to the will of Yahweh (Jehovah) the protector of Israel, which is the spoilt child of Trump and everyone else.

The degradation movement has come to an end, and Israel and America are sure now that abandoning ISIS and its likes is possible with the existence of regimes that play the same role. These regimes won’t hesitate to swear their loyalty to Israel, and guarantee by that the American protection as Trump has previously promised. However, they will soon discover that what America wants of them is no more than money, and they will have to depend on themselves in case of any future confrontation, as Trump has publically stated.

If the degradation movement has reached the bottom, it is impossible to move to the stage of going upwards. That is why those Arabs and Muslims will stay in their place, waiting new dictations. If the decisive storm has made its first incursion into Sana’a  9 hours after Netanyahu’s declaration that he won’t accept the establishment of a party similar to Hezbollah in Yemen, then what is the new orientation? And when and where is it going? The answer here is that now, the Houthi Yemen is not the only target for the decisive Zionist and Saudi storm, but it is a storm of a different kind that I do not think the descendants of Saud or Israel can handle.



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