A black comedy with Wahhabi tincture

Robert Fisk talked to The Independent about the goal of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, which is a preparation for a “sectarian war between the Middle East countries with the help of Israel. ” The Saudis and the Gulf kings possess immense wealth, the only religion that Trump really respects, and they want to destroy Shia Iran, Syria, the Hezbollah and the Houthis” said Fisk, adding that Trump lives ” the fantasy of an Arab Nato. There will be dictators aplenty to greet him in Riyadh, corrupt autocrats and thugs and torturers and head choppers”and that “the fact that most of the Middle East’s “terrorism” – Isis and al-Qaeda, aka the Nusrah Front – have their fountainhead in the very nation to which Trump is travelling, must and will be ignored” describing what’s going on as a “comedy” .

The British writer said that ” they have to listen to Trump’s ravings on peace and Islamic “extremism”, surely the most preposterous speech to be uttered by a US president since he is going to have to pretend that Iran is extremist – when it is Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi Isis clones who are destroying Islam’s reputation throughout the world.”

Fisk wrapped it up saying : “that only leaves one nation out of the loop of this glorious charivari: Russia. But be sure Vladimir Putin comprehends all too well what is going on in Riyadh. He will watch the Arab Nato fall apart soon.”


Source: beirutpress .



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