President without dignity

Despite the Turkish refusing reservation. The NATO alliance officially joins the International Alliance against Da’ash, which  takes from the People’s Protection Units main partner for it in Syria. This step is very important particularly after the failure of the Turkish schemes to obstruct this partnership, which resulted  its isolation more.

Erdogan is humiliated again in Belgium and also was humiliated in Washington, where he found only Jawishoglu in his reception at the airport. And he threatens the West sometimes with the  Syrian refugees and sometimes with  the terrorists. And new   in  that he importuned  loitering around the gates of Europe and will go to hold alliances with  the Muslim countries. He will build mosques and  print  the books of   Muslims for all languages of world . The intention here is go to the  poor peoples to recruit them intellectually and to keep them as time bombs.

 I would not imagine that I would find a president who is  humiliated in  this way in  the world.



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