” German officer impersonates a character of Syrian refugee “

Detecting a terrorist operation in Germany puts question marks on all the events of other terrorist operations ! . Who wanted to carry out the operation was neither Muslim nor Arab, but a German officer in the German army . He  was able to register himself as a Syrian refugee… His affairs have conducted and he was  intending to carry out terrorist process to be glued to the Muslims and to distort the image of the refugees but the  Austrian police arrested him at the airport to carry a pistol and hide it in Airport bathrooms. He was released after communicating with Germany on the grounds that he is a military. How could he register himself as a Syrian refugee in Germany and the fingerprint system in Germany did not recognize him ?! What is more strange is that he is a military in the army  on the French border and has disappeared for a long time and they  have not  searched about him . Certainly there was a strong hand behind him  and the discovery was coincidental after he was arrested by Austrian security and released him.  Austria intensified the search about him to find out that he was registered as a Syrian refugee although he is German. The German government is embarrassing. The question now is  who is  behind all the terrorist events in the world by the name of Islam? Muslims are sure that this is not the act of Islam. Who are behind this despicable work and why ! ?



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