Written by: Dr.Abdul Razzaq Bani Hani

When I was a bachelor student, I heard from my history teacher, John Sweeney, an opinion that I did not understand back then about the science of ignorance(agnotology) , and about a

sub-specialization in history called psycho-history, that was in 1976 !!!

I often asked myself “Is it possible that there is a science known as the science of ignorance and spreading it as there is a science called physics or the like? And how can science cause ignorance?

I insisted on my opinion until an American friend of mine who works at Rand Corporation, told me that there were institutions of the superpowers governments, including the United States, that are specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and packaging of ignorance elegantly, then it’s widely marketed. Who are consumers of ignorance, according to my friend? He said: They are three categories in every society:

  • The poor in society, mostly from social and religious minorities, municipal workers, the poor in remote areas, the rural poor, farm workers, and their But my tragedy was the inclusion of school teachers and university professors in the targeted group of this damned commodity. As he told me, the rate of these categories in the United States alone may reach 90% of the population, and American combat soldiers were covered in this category

  • Religious people who believe in fatalism and are surrendered completely to fate to the extent that they think it does not change, and it is their responsibility to spread ignorance among  as many people as possible from those  who have religious tendencies.

  • Fools who work in governments, especially the governments of poor countries, specifically technocrats who advise decision-makers in their own countries. They are trained to pass ignorance and justify it under the name of theory, science, possibilities and resources, and comes at the forefront of those concerned with the political and economic, as their tasks are limited to spreading the spirit of despair in the soul of the decision makers and picture the possibility of reform as impossible … they practice lying and lying and lying to the public and  establish lies in the public’s  minds as facts that must be defended.

Among other things, my friend told me, one thing that was the most dangerous of all, he said, that the spread of enmity between brothers falls under the manufacture and marketing of ignorance, which has been reinforced  by the makers of ignorance since 1906, I said to this history development of this science dates back? He said yes, since the conference of Henry Campbell Bannerman, which was held in London and lasted for a full month. The policy of the Arab region, prior to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, was drawn up in that conference, and  from its established  policies that visa is required from an Ottoman dependency Arab citizen at the entry of an Arab state even if he lives only a few meters away from the boundaries drawn by the politicians of the conference. One of his ministers, Richard Haldane, mocked what The prophet said ” Jordan is the land of gathering and union” , saying  “I will make Jordan a warring nation!” And to be honest , the talk of my American friend has amazed me with great puzzlement and I was swaying between the truth and imagination of the strength of his ideas and information that  added to my modest provision.

I read a lot about the local policies of the different countries … and when I examine the depth of the situation in the countries concerned, I cannot disprove the credibility of this science, its engineering, its manufacturing … and its devastating effects ….oh you bright minded! Please learn a lesson from this! …damned is ignorance and its spread!




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