” Mstasim of the current era “

On the day that Hulaku entered Baghdad ,he  killed the scientists, traders and judges  and  said to his soldiers, “Keep Al-Mu’tasim alive until he shows us the places of his treasures.” Al-Mu’tasim went with them and showed them the caches of gold , silver, valuables and all Precious collectibles in and out of his palaces, including what was impossible for the Mongols to reach without him,  insomuch that he guided them to the hidden gold. Hulaku said to him, “If you had given this money to your soldiers, they would have protected you from  me.” Al-Mu’tasim did not cry for the treasures and the money, but he cried when  Hulaku took  to review the  beautiful  Al-Jawari   and their numbers were  (700) wives , seraglios, and a thousand maids. The Caliph entreated to Hulaku, saying: ” Give me  my  Harem  whom the sun and the moon have not seen.” Hulaku laughed at Al-Mu’tasim ‘s word  and ordered the soldiers to  kick  him until death   . Historians say that what the sons of Abbas gathered in five centuries, Hulaku took him on a night. And  the Historians will say what was enough for the Saudi people for five centuries was taken by Trump in one night.

  Allah have mercy on the poet (Ahmed Matar) when he described the Gulf rulers with his a  wonderful saying:

All the sons of Highnesses and Excellencies are under my shoehorn   .

I was told that it is  flaw then I repeated  my article  .

Then I was told that it is  flaw then I repeated  my article, so I noticed my bad article and I apologized for my shoehorn .



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