” Shami Islam The “

The writer, critic and member of the People’s Assembly the professor  Nabil Saleh wrote: today I was surprised by a cultural scene at Al-Akram Mosque in Damascus during the condolence to Mr. Suhail Arafa, the son of one of the Elders of old  Al-Maidan neighborhood. The condolence was mixed for both men and women. The women and  men  of the family were standing in two rows to accept condolences handshake. Some of women   were bare-headed and others  put a cover on the  heads  while the reciter recites  the verses of the Holy Quran. And some people  distribute  the cups of bitter coffee to non-fasting and mourners of non-Muslim sects . I asked the friend Aref al-Taweel inquiring , although I attended mixed condolences to Damascene families but not in the mosque. He said to me: This is the Shami Islam  which   you  have been talking about it since the beginning of the war against Syria, and then adopted by the martyr al-Bouti, as was taken by Mufti Hassoun and finally  the Minister of Awqaf. The moderate atmosphere of the Levant and  its commercial spirit and its civil culture were as a filter that redrafted  the Bedouin Islam as it  redrafts the brocade and damasko fabric and distributes its muslin cloth Around the world. His word ended, but the Salafist penetration settled our people Dar Al-Boar.




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