” The Arabic ragamuffins “

Jordan’s debt is almost 30 billion, Lebanon’s debt is almost 80 billion, Egypt’s debt is almost 60 billion , Morocco’s debt is almost 22 billion , Algeria’s debt is about 29 billion, Sudan’s debt is about 15 billion , Tunisia’s debt is almost 18 billion, Somalia`s debt is nearly 10 billion, Mauritania`s debt is nearly 13 billion, Iraqi`s debt  is approximately 70 billion, Palestinian  Authority`s debt is  nearly 11 billion ,  Syria needs 60 billion for reconstruction, Libya needs 20 billion for reconstruction = 369 billion. 460 billion are   enough to plug the debts of the Arab world  and  increase for   establishing  an industrial and constructional renaissance in all parts of the Arab countries and not be left even a poor one complaining of hunger.

The American people will not forget the half-trillion visit of the American Emperor Trump. America is  first, and it is first and will remain first due to the Arabic  ragamuffins  . I wish God  to detest  your  faces !!

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