” How does the weak take his right from the strong “

 Moses, peace be upon him, went out   a day to appeal  his Lord Almighty and then asked his Lord saying: O Lord, how does the weak take  his right from the strong? His Lord said to him: Go in the evening  to such a place … on such a day … to see and know how  the weak takes his right from  the strong . Moses went to the place and saw a waterfall coming out of a mountain.

 Moses sat looking contemplated .  A knight came riding his camel wants water. The man got off his camel and took  off his belt, which was holding back his movement during  his incoming of  water and put it next to  him. The knight drank and washed and then went forgetting his belt that put it in  its place.

A small boy came riding donkey to the waterfall, and washed and drank also,   then thanked  God, and when he wanted to leave, he saw  the  knight`s belt   which he had forgotten next to the waterfall. The boy opened the  belt .   It was full of gold and precious jewelry and treasury . He took it and left . After he had gone  , an old Sheikh came to the water to drink and wash, and while he  did, the knight who had forgotten his belt at the waterfall came rushing, looking for his belt, but he did not find it . The knight asked the  old Sheikh  : Where is the belt  that I left here? “I do not know and  I did not see belt here . The knight lifted  his sword and cut off the old Sheikh’s head.

Moses (peace be upon him) was  looking  and contemplating  and thinking . He said: O Lord, this knight has oppressed your servant the old sheikh. His Lord said to him: O Moses: the old sheikh had killed the knight`s father  a long time ago, but the boy , his father  worked at  knight`s father  for  twenty years and did not give him his right. The knight took his father`s right from the old sheikh, and the boy took his father`s right from the knight,  subhana Allah  who named himself  the  right and the  grievances do not lose at him.


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