Egypt signs free trade agreement with Turkey

The news comes amid media bark  campaigns between the two regimes of government in Egypt and Turkey, and prohibition of Egypt  for appositive   sites  from Turkey. All the newspapers publish  the abbreviated version, quoting the Middle East News Agency, except  one site added that the agreement includes a free transit of goods and Turkish trucks, and then returned and  cancelled  the recitation and returned to the official formula. I do not see an explanation to  sign  the agreement now, except that top orders came from the Pentagon to the two following systems   to conclude the agreement, until  Turkey   continues to play its role in the Syrian war, with minimal damage on  the exports of its farmers to the Gulf that estimate  at (10-20) billion dollars. The agreement comes in the wakes of the loss of Daash its control over any corridor between Turkey and Jordan. It seems that  the Turkish trucks were  using   it to reach to  the Gulf markets .



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