Reconstruction of Syria

“Izvestia” newspaper touched  the issue of reviving the Syrian economy and the problem of displaced people after the end of the war. “Moscow believes that time has come to discuss the issues of Syria’s reconstruction and the return of millions of displaced people to their homes, and think that Geneva may be the best arena for that,” wrote the newspaper after a source in Russian diplomatic circles told it that. ” Time has come to discuss these two points in the framework of the Geneva negotiations, as well as problems related to fighting terrorism, forming a transitional government, drafting the new constitution and holding elections,” the source said. Boris Dolgov, senior researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Institute of Oriental studies, said : “The issue of the reconstruction of Syria has been on the agenda in Syria for a long time, because it comes second in terms of importance after the issue of a cease-fire, and the cancellation of sanctions imposed on Syria by Washington, Brussels and some countries of the region is also important. Russia has repeatedly declared that sanctions only harm ordinary people”.

Source: arabic.rt



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