” Efforts for Promoting Appeasement in Syria “

The Wall Street Journal has reported from US officials that Trump’s administration has been in secret talks with Russia in Jordan aiming at setting up a zone to ease tension at the south-west of Syria, where the Russians and Americans held two meetings in the Jordanian capital, Amman with the participation of Jordanian officials, . The US administration kept the talks secret because of its desire to establish connections with Moscow despite of ongoing investigations in Washington on alleged Russian’s interference in the US presidential elections.

The newspaper has also indicated that the White House considers that coordination with Moscow will bring close the elimination of ISIS; and that success in removing the tension in the south-west of Syria will allow this experience to spread to other areas. In these talks, The US party is represented by Brett McGurk, the special presidential envoy of the international alliance against ISIS, and Michael Ratney, the US special envoy to Syria.

Western diplomatic sources confirmed the information of the Russian-American talks about Syria, The sources pointed that “these secret preliminary discussions aimed at demarcating the region for the purpose of limitation of tension in Daraa, on the borders with Jordan and Quneitra, adjacent to the Golan Heights, according to “Reuters”.



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