Making sure of delivering the trust

Once a  prince had a distinctly authentic horse and a merchant wanted to buy it but the prince refused to sell it. The merchant insisted on getting this horse even if by deceiving. By chance, the merchant knew that the prince is used to go to the forest with his horse, he went and stretched out on the road, pretending to be a sick beggar, unable to walk. The Prince dismounted his horse feeling  pity on the beggar, so he offered him to carry him on his horse to treat him, and helped him ride the horse. Once the merchant settled on the horse’s back, he kicked him to run fast. The Prince ran after him and yelled at him to stop ,and when he was far enough to be safe, he stopped and looked back , the prince rushed and said to him: you stole my horse , that’s ok! But have a favor  to ask  you for…..the merchant answered: what is it? The prince said: don’t tell anyone how you took my horse, the merchant wondered:  and why is that? The prince answered: Because there may be a  real sick person lying on the roadside asking for help. If the news of your deceit spreads, people will pass on the patient and will not help him out of fear that they will fall victim to deception like me.

” advise even those who abused you, the advice is a trust and leaving it is a betrayal, be careful to deliver the trust more than being careful  to recover your  right”.



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