The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the ongoing war in Syria ( finale part X)

We will dedicate  this tenth and final part to the Muslim Brotherhood’s criminal activities in Damascus, its countryside, Homs and Daraa …

If we moved to Damascus we have to stand first at the bloody legacy of the 1980s, where we find in the city the legacy of the brotherhood member, “Jamil AL-Jamil,” the official of the organization in Kafr Sousse in the eighties besides the successor of the Brotherhood groups that held at the beginning of the events in Syria armed demonstrations which the state suppressed directly , then his group fled to the eastern Ghouta. They also had a heritage conglomerate in the neighborhood of Roknuddin as remnants of  “Shadhan Tameer’s”, and “Aladdin Albazelti’s”group. But the officer in charge at  Roknuddin’s department  brigadier “ Hamid AL-Ali” –was a member of the  Arab tribe AL-Akidat- surprised everyone when he opened the doors of the department  and made it a guesthouse to which he invited mayors  whom were meeting every day with him and  with the dignitaries of the people. When the Brotherhood tried to go out in armed demonstrations , people thwarted them and a not insignificant number was killed from the people, but they didn’t give up ,they  attacked them and followed them to their homes, and so some  fled to Ghouta,while others were caught. In Syria –particularly in Damascus and Aleppo- the Brotherhood resorted to training on killing, and dustmen were the living shield for that training, and so poor dustmen were killed each day.  In the countryside of Damascus, the Brotherhood’s legacy was from the house of Ali al-Sidawi in Douma, who later clashed with the Salafist group of Zahran Alloush. In Al-Koswah, the legacy of the blood was from the brother house of Muhammed al-Asfar, who blew up a group of buses and hospitals until the state confronted them and they fled to the western Ghouta, where the brothers of Madaya had also fled to, brothers that

the legacy of the family of Ahmed Ezz Eddin motivated  them to carry out kidnappings and assassinations,  and when confronted by the state they also fled to the Western Ghouta. And there the Brotherhood gathered, they collided with the army and the people, especially in the Zabadani region, and the city of Damascus remained clean from any gathering of Brothers ,except the neighborhood of Gober northwest of Damascus and the origin of the Brothers there is Jewish. Old Damascenes had a proverb that says: “The Jews of Khyber better than the inhabitants of Gober” because they were Jews until 1913 then a remnant of them showed Islam and  hid Judaism. And then when some of them joined the Brotherhood, they found an outlet .

It is also mentioned that the oldest synagogue in the world with its seven pillars still exists in Jobar, and some orientalists believe that Jopar outside Damascus is from the Jews of Syria, but in Damascus, as we said, people lived and are still living in peace away from the brotherly hand, but this does not prevent us from referring to the beginning of events when the Brothers of al-Ghouta, Madaya and al-kswah came every Friday to pray in some mosques in Damascus, especially in Kafr Sousse, to take out demonstrations after the prayer and then to carry out bombings in limited places. this information shows us the heritage of grudge of the Brotherhood brothers from the eighties where the first bombings in Damascus were done by brothers and the Brothers who were between the neighborhood of Tadamon, Yilda and Daf AL-Shuk were in their the majority from Idlib’s Muslim Brotherhood as well as the brothers who formed the brigade (flocks of /Ababil Horan) .

Their demonstrations contained those who the instinct of the herd apply on, besides that Iraqi and Palestinians members of the Brotherhood- who hastened to engage in Hamas- joined them.

It can be said that what the Muslim Brotherhood carried here in these neighborhoods was  hatred and grudge against the whole people without standing at a certain spectrum .

They continued their unbelievably bloody demonstrations at night after it was every Friday only. But when the people learned that these are Muslim brothers they were sure of the existence of a grand plan to destroy Syria, a plan that is characterized with hatred through bombings carried out around region’s department  of the military security – it was not damaged though- and they hit the building of criminal security and then tried to blow up the Bureau of Air Intelligence at Baghdad Street, also beside the Ministry of Endowments  and in the neighborhood of Sheikh Mohiuddin.

If we want to shed light on what the Brotherhood did in Homs and what they are still doing, the people will not forget that who exploded the first events in Homs was the Muslim Brotherhood, full of inherited  hatred from the days of the first observer of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Dr. Mustafa Sibai, and from the days of Sheikh “Mohammed Ali Meshaal” Sheikh Tal Do, and his tape, which was recording and distributing what they did around Hula Lake of massacres and crimes, and what they did in eastern Homs when they exploited some of the Bedouins who lived in the sixtieth Street, Deir Baalbh and Bayadah, Bab Aldreib, AL-Fakhoura, and in al-Wa’ar where the Muslim Brotherhood was striking at the military hospital shells of hell.

The beginning events in Homs were very bloody and harsh within the city where the Brotherhood- in the neighborhoods that we’ve  mentioned -carried the sword and chased people on the streets of Homs, slaying them, cutting off their heads, then put the heads on the swords, and roam with it in the streets.

as for women, they denuded them in the streets, spanked them on their backs , pointed with sticks to their wombs and raped them , then they cut them and threw them in the garbage, and all of that was planned by the Muslim Brotherhood and carried out by their hands. many personalities that were doing those acts can be mentioned, personalities that have brotherly thoughts, faith and extremism, we can talk endlessly about what the Muslim Brotherhood did in Homs from unbelievable massacres and crimes .

if you told me where to start , I would answer you : pick any area in Homs and I will tell you about the crimes that the Muslim Brotherhood did to its inhabitants. It can be said that the killing of Brigadier “Ahmed Talawi” and his two daughters and nephew was at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood at  the first events, when they killed them and mutilated their bodies, and the aforementioned neighborhoods was their theater of operations, the following personalities were the most harsh among the others on Homs and its people, some of whom were known and some were not known from the people of Homs. The Sheikh Mufti Nashwati was appointed as Mufti and was seduced with money and position although he hadn’t even graduated from the Faculty of Sharia, he was appointed as an Imam of Said bin Amer’s mosque, and he used the mosque- that overlooked the neighborhood of AL-Nazhin- as a warehouse for weapons and ammunition.

One of the personalities who suddenly appeared was Bilal al-Kan, who slaughtered and raped, another called Jassem al-Afar, and other strange figures who suddenly appeared  like Sheikh Mufti Abu Abdo who got rich out of the blue. Bilal AL-Kan  and Jassim al-Afara were unique criminals, they have committed many many crimes, and Iskandron Street in Homs was called the street death due of the large number of people killed near the laundry of Yamama, and the people revolted and attacked them so they fled to the neighborhood of Warsheh where they were killed by the people. The Brotherhood also gathered in the neighborhood of Khaled bin al-Walid in Homs and the old neighborhoods and remained there for a long time until they were expelled from them under a United Nations-sponsored agreement in 2014, and they had two thousand elements withdrew to the Rastan, only a small group of them remained  in Homs in AL-Wa’r neighborhood, all that we have talked about was about the Muslim “Brothers”, but here is a painful talk – that must be mentioned – about the Muslim “sisters” attached to the organization and filled of bloody thoughts, in Homs there was a woman called Umm Khalid who was famous for her hatred of the Syrian Arab Army, she lived in Bab al-Duraib and used to ask the Muslim Brothers and the armed opposition to bring Syrian soldiers as prisoners and bind them, then she cut them alive, cut off their ears and then their hands and then their legs with a hawk while enjoying the chopping of soldiers, under their screams and howls, another story was when by chance a state-supporting demonstration went out from AL-Zahraa neighborhood to AL-ra’es square , the demonstration was a bus full of college girls and other, but they were confronted by Muslim Brotherhood gunmen in al-Fakhoor neighborhood, where they took the girls off and ordered them to walk naked and abused them with the most dirty words and then raped them and killed them.  The kidnapping method from the beginning of the crisis until now was the main job of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

As for the Brotherhood activity in Daraa, where the first spark of their work was in Syria on 15/3/2011, it was initially based on a performance with a scenario written by the Muslim Brotherhood there, and directed by Ahmed Jumaa al-Sayasna Imam and preacher of Omar bin AL-Khattab Mosque .

The play was soon absorbed by the Syrian president, when he invited a large delegation of the people of Daraa and received them in response to all their requests that were carried out before the delegation returned to Daraa, but the Muslim Brotherhood had sold their religion and their country, and war began, and the fuel of it was the innocent people of the first category, if we moved to the second category of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, we find them in the staff and quarters and half educated, and they were few and divided into two parts, some of them left the Muslim Brotherhood when they knew the truth, other  left the job and joined the demonstrators first, then left all of Syria for what they called revolution, and they adopted lying and false scenarios, especially those who were appeared on hostile T.V channels as eyewitnesses mostly. And some of them developed his work diligently in the development of his doctrine ,those realized that his group are liars, leaving them and joining  AL-Nusra front, or the Salafis, and this category in general is limited , and many of it left the Brotherhood and it’s almost doesn’t exist . As for the third category, the higher educated that has been related to the organization and has been strongly linked to Masonicism in more than one international forum since the days of Dr. Mustafa Sibai, the first general observer of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

When the British Prime Minister asked his intelligence services to study the Muslim Brotherhood to see how to deal with them, the response came that they are good and there’s no fear to deal with them. They are within the required and obedient , and they play the Islamic religious role but in favor of our ideas and what we want.

There is an important observation about the Muslim Brotherhood. They wanted to establish a new party for them to hide behind it their heinous acts, perhaps to gain popularity under the name of (promise) to advance politically. This move was not accepted by Erdogan and so it was postponed.


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