The last nail in the coffin of AL Saud

It was said that Prince Bashir al-Shihabi told his servant one day: I crave for eggplant

The servant said: Eggplant, God bless the eggplant! It is the master of the food, meat without fat, fish without spines, it could be eaten roasted ,grilled, stuffed, and could be  eaten as pickles or as Makdous..the prince said : but I ate it few days agao and it caused me a stomachache ..the servant replyed: eggplant! God damn eggplant ! it’s heavy on the stomach churlish , black-faced and causes bloat !!

The prince said to him : Woe!! You praise the thing and defame it at the same time!!!

The servant replyed: my lord! Im the servant of the prince not of the eggplant! When the prince says yes I say yes, and when he says no I say no…

And this is the case of the eggplant-men of kings of sand, from Ibn Nayef to Ibn Salman, when the winds of their American master blows it scatteres them in the wide desert   and re-shapes  new faces and forms in line with the plans and strategies of the hidden black organizations that se its thread and wrapped it around its prey , a prey with subjugation ,humiliation and full surrender to its predator.



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