” Game over “

Former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, told Asharq Al-Awsat that “Obama did not leave the Trump administration many options to change the rules of the game of curbing Iran’s foothold in the region” and he predicted that ” Iran would ultimately force a U.S. withdrawal from eastern Syria-much like as they managed to do in Lebanon in the 1980s and in Iraq”. “Syrian Kurds are making their biggest mistake in trusting the Americans,” he added.

Ford revealed that Washington had accepted Assad’s survival in 2013 contrary to the statements, because the Geneva negotiations had not achieved any progress, “adding , ” I did not expect Russian support, and with Iranian support I predicted the survival of Assad, so I left my post.

” Ford admitted that what the US administration did not expect was what happened in 2014 and 2015, where more Iranians, Iraqis and Hezbollah came to Syria and Russia sent its air force, and considered that was a mistake in the calculations, and said:” It was a serious mistake, we did not expect a recession because it is in favor of Assad. “

“Assad won, I mean he’s the victor, or he thinks so,” Ford told the newspaper,” Maybe the regime will take some time to regain Dar’aa.

Sooner or later he will go to Idlib and the Russians will help him and go to al-Qamishli.” He concluded by saying that Trump “wants to curtail Iranian influence so I heard from one of his advisers a few weeks ago, but what he doesn’t knows is that the game is over, they are too late”.

Source: ” beirutpress”.

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